HD Video Conferencing in the cloud – FREE Lifesize Cloud trial

Thanks to our Silver Partnership with Lifesize, we are introducing our 14 day FREE trial of Lifesize Cloud! What is Lifesize Cloud? Lifesize Cloud is an unique cloud video conferencing solution that offers instant video calling with presence status, group video call up to 40-ways, dial-on audio call capability with 50 international local numbers, “meet-me” scheduled meeting, chat, unlimited […]

Did you know we are Lifesize Silver Partners?

DID YOU KNOW Video Conferencing Australia and Video Conferencing New Zealand, Chorus Call Australia, and Chorus Call New Zealand have been Lifesize Silver Partners for a solid 4 years? What does this mean? This means we are leading industry video conferencing resellers and distributors who have extensive experience and knowledge in the video conferencing and […]

Video Conferencing Room System Special!

With demand for Video Conferencing in Australia growing rapidly, video conferencing room solutions need to provide a robust, resilient, scalable, and manageable infrastructure that deliver unparalleled quality of experience. For a very limited time we are offering over %50 off the LifeSize Unity 500 bundle! The system was nearly $20,000 has been reduced to an […]

How could your business benefit from video conferencing?

Consider today’s work flow and how video can expedite decision making, help you to communicate with more people, maintain employee engagement, facilitate training with disparate teams and more. Question? Who outside of my organisation can use this? The answer: anyone with whom you interact with. HD video collaboration replicates in-person meetings, so you can extend […]

How businesses save money with Videoconferencing

Allowing staff to work remotely allows for more flexibility in telecommuters’ lives, connecting to the office remotely enables employees to work without common office distractions and generally makes them happier and more efficient. This is where the power of video conferencing comes in, as it allows all workers to have real-time, face-to-face interactions with your […]