ClickShare Wireless Conferencing Systems

ClickShare Wireless Conferencing Systems

ClickShare Wireless Conferencing Systems

The range of wireless conferencing solutions from Barco ClickShare is designed to work seamlessly with your existing video conferencing system and audio-visual peripherals – microphones, soundbars and cameras – without the hassle of physically connecting them using cables and adapters. This makes remote meetings as intuitive and straightforward as face-to-face meetings.

ClickShare Conference connects wirelessly to your meeting room equipment for more immersive meetings. In less than 7 seconds you can conference, collaborate and click from your own device, with the video conference application of your choice. Find a model to suit your needs:

Barco ClickShare CX-30 Barco ClickShare CX-30 Barco ClickShare CX-50





Full BYOD support
Supports Collaboration App, Airplay, Google Cast, Miracast

Local view of room display
Get a copy of the meeting room screen on your device
Yes, with moderation
Yes, with moderation
5 years service coverage, XMS insights and enhanced support

Sources simultaneously on screen
Touch screen support and interactivity
Touch back & control your PC, collaborate with annotation & blackboarding

Video input


Wireless Conferencing
Room dock:Connect wirelessly to room camera, speaker and sound bar
High quality

$2,659.00 Incl. GST

$3,399.00 Incl. GST

$4,499.00 Incl. GST







Conference. Collaborate. Click.

The brand new ClickShare CX Conferencing Button instantly makes meeting room USB-peripherals available to your laptop. Just plug in the Button and straight away you can share all the video and audio streams with the meeting room peripherals.

Added in ClickShare CX series is a useful set of collaborative and interactive features to the ClickShare Collaboration App, that you can also enjoy while using the Button, accessible via the additional Quick Button. Only functionalities that bring value to collaborative environments or that enhance meeting efficiency make the cut: like retrieving a local view of the room display, allowing to share the room content remotely, pause content, ideation, moderation, and control of AV equipment.

Barco ClickShare Wireless Conference

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