How Can Video Conferencing Increase My Business’ Productivity?

It’s now affordable, too.

The days of video conferencing hardware being affordable only to ASX listed and gobal corporations has long past. It is now more affordable than ever to buy and even self-install video conferencing equipment; in fact with the explosion of video conferencing software you can even conduct an HD video meeting via your iPad/iPhone or any Android device (see: LifeSize ClearSea for FREE trial). Video Conferencing is a tool that can be leveraged to gain huge increases in productivity and profitability regardless of the size of your business.

3 Ways Video Conferencing Boosts Business Productivity

(1) Sick Days

Flu Season

Often very costly to a company in several ways. The lost productivity is the most obvious negative, however there is always that one co-worker who refuses to yield to the sickness and they drag around the office, hacking and sneezing… That’s when an entire office could experience an ‘outbreak.’ This can leave a company reeling, and a decline in productivity means a decrease in customer satisfaction and overall revenue; this is extremely dangerous for smaller businesses, whole departments could be off-line for days.

Video Conferencing enables employees to work from home and still conduct face to face meetings with there healthy co-workers. Employees can recover faster, without prolonging their illness by trying to come into work while they’re sick. (And if you’re suspect of there illness, for those less trustworthy in your employ, you can see ‘how they are doing’ first hand.)

(2) Travel and daily traffic

Sydney Traffic

Whether you work in the CBD of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or in the bush, all drive time, sitting in traffic and air time to fly to meetings in other CBD’s, is lost time and lost money. Not only is it a productivity killer, but it also costs the company petrol, flights, hotels and parking fees. Instead use video conferencing to eliminate unnecessary travel, this way you can still have a face to face meeting with your client. Video conferencing may not replace all in-person meetings, sometimes you do need to actually be there, but at least you’ll have a cost effect alternative. In our experience video conferencing can be used to eliminate 30% or 40% of costly, inefficient and often times unnecessary travel.

(3) Personal Connections

HD Video Conferencing

Have you had a teleconference call not knowing at all what the people on the other end look like? Did you try to ‘Google’ or ‘FaceBook’ them prior? Were you every worried how they were reacting to what you’re saying to them? Communications experts say 90% of what we say is non verbal. People naturally create a closer connection to somebody they can hear AND see. Video conferencing is a great way to create a lasting image with a customer or prospect, additionally you’ll be able to read their face to see if your pitch is working or if a change in strategy is needed to make the sale.

The bottom line is that Video conferencing helps you connect on a more personal level with clients and co-workers in other offices. It cuts travelling costs tremendously for your business, while doing your part to lower your carbon footprint. Take a look at our Low cost Video Conferencing hardware and software that might fit your business. If you have any questions on what system could work for you, we invite you to call us toll free on 1300 369 829 or Live Chat with us via the website.

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