Lifesize Assurance Maintenance Services

Lifesize Assurance Maintenance Services (AMS) provides a comprehensive suite of bundled video conferencing support services that help you protect your investment, maximise its value and ensure optimal performance throughout the life of your Lifesize solution.

This enables you to focus on your business with the peace of mind that your Lifesize solutions will consistently deliver a high quality communication experience.

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Lifesize-AMS Worldwide Policy

Lifesize AMS Recertification and Renewals

Video Conferencing Australia is an accredited Lifesize Professional Partner and we offer recertification and renewals on all available Lifesize products regardless of if you purchased from us. For rates and quotes please call us on 1300 369 829 or email: [email protected]


Ongoing Support

Support for technical issues with any unit purchased form VCA is available Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), excluding public holidays.  Support will be provided to any units purchased from VCA that have current and up to date AMS, or where support is included in the cost of the unit purchased.  VCA will provide level 1 support to diagnose the issue.  If the issue is determined to be a fault in the video unit, support will continue until the issue is rectified.  If it is determined the issue is related to the customer’s internal network, other associated systems or any hardware that isn’t under AMS, a quote will be provided on the expected cost of support.

For additional information please call us: 1300 369 829.

Complete Coverage

Each Lifesize Assurance Maintenance Service Plan protects your Lifesize product, hardware and software alike, during the agreement period. With an agreement in place, you can rest assured that we will quickly identify, diagnose and resolve any incident you may experience with your product. Assurance Maintenance Service Plans can be purchased in yearly increments, from one to three years.

Support by Lifesize Services Professionals

Your video conferencing support services provide you direct access to a Lifesize Services Professional who has been trained and certified on the Lifesize product line. Your Lifesize Services Professional will deliver personalized results until your incident has been resolved. With this expert at your disposal, your IT department can leave the troubleshooting of your Lifesize solution to us, allowing them to focus on their business objectives.

Optimise Product Performance

An Assurance Maintenance Services plan provides you complete access to the latest product updates and enhancements. To ensure that your Lifesize products are always up to date and performing optimally, it is important that you download the latest software when product updates and enhancements are announced. If hardware is the problem, having an AMS plan means you’ll get a product replacement shipped to you should the need arise.

Realize Cost Savings

Each AMS, video conferencing support service, plan provides a comprehensive suite of maintenance offerings for your product(s). By eliminating the potential expense of service calls or replacement of products, your organisation can realize cost savings from day 1 of your AMS plan purchase.

Need Help with your Lifesize Video Conference Equipment?

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