Maximising Your Video Conferencing Experience

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Maximising Your Video Conferencing Experience

As businesses continue to find better ways to conduct their meetings and make business processes more efficient, technology continues to rise to the occasion and serves as a reliable partner in not only expediting processes and providing unparalleled convenience, but also steadily increasing return of investments and company savings. One of these advantageous technological advancements getting more widely used throughout an extensive range of businesses is video conferencing.

In today’s modern corporate setting where businesses are more often going global and linking with other businesses to form lucrative new ventures, video conferencing has become an indispensible communication medium. Through video conferencing, companies from opposite sides of the world can conduct their business efficiently in the comfort of their own offices, and the millions usually spent by companies for travel expenses are saved.

With such innovative and beneficial business and conferencing solutions at our fingertips, we must ensure that it is used to in the right manner to produce all the benefits it can offer. Not all members of a business may be comfortable with such innovative conferencing solutions and would prefer the old but costly methods of conducting a meeting. To make sure the experience is pleasant for everyone and consequently, easily adopted as part of a company’s standard procedures, certain steps must be followed. Below are some of these steps businesses can follow in order to ensure all members have a positive first impression and make the most of their video conferencing service.

Before Video Conferencing

  • Ensure that all members involved are familiar and comfortable with using video conferencing. This may involve self-guided education, trainings and promotional programs for easy and effective adoption to the system.
  • Schedule video conferences and inform all involved people and parties ahead of time.
  • Create an agenda to make sure the video conference goes smoothly and tackles all necessary topics. Share this agenda in advance so all those involved will know what to expect and think ahead of what other points they may want to discuss.
  • Choose or have a facilitator who can effectively manage the flow of the meeting.
  • Have all needed items ready (products, charts, etc.).
  • Check that all the hardware (microphones, speakers, camera, lighting) are functioning properly and are suitable for the meeting. The camera should be positioned straight at the people involved showing their upper torso up to their head, and lights should be above the camera, not beside or in front of it.
  • Dress appropriately for the meeting. Because a video conference displays all users in one screen, it can be very easy to spot differences or distracting details, like brightly coloured outfits or dangling jewellery.
  • Put off or in silent mode all electronic gadgets that may disrupt the meeting.
  • Recording meetings is one great advantage of video conferencing and can be very useful for any company. Before you start recording though, you must ask permission from those involved as not everyone may feel comfortable with being recorded.
  • If speaking with users from another country and culture, make sure to familiarise yourself with their basic speaking etiquette.

During Video Conferencing

  • Speak clearly and slowly, and properly introduce those in attendance.
  • Follow the flow of the agenda and pay attention to the proceedings.
  • Be polite. Do not interrupt those speaking or make distracting movements or noises. Eating would not be recommended during the meeting as this can cause a lot of noise and be very distracting.
  • Try to engage everyone involved. Make them feel their importance in the meeting. Much of the success of your very first video conference and the many to follow will depend upon the users’ initial reactions, so make them feel that it is a success with their participation.
  • Do not disclose private or highly classified information during the meeting, such as passwords and sensitive company information.

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