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Why We’re Not Afraid of Amazon

It’s official; Amazon is live in Australia.

As a retailer, we’ve been told this is something to be afraid of, with the 24/7 media spin prophesying doom and gloom for Australian ecommerce businesses and the likes of Gerry Harvey and Dick Smith making some extraordinary claims that Amazon will “slowly strangle and destroy” Australian retailers.

We have to say, we’re not 100% convinced. There will always be competition in a free market. Businesses simply have to adapt, innovate, and differentiate themselves. If your value proposition as a business is so easily threatened by innovation in the market, then perhaps it’s time to think about the value you’re bringing to Australian consumers.

So, rather than being spooked, we welcome the opportunity to rethink what sets us apart as a retailer. That thing is experience.

While we strive to compete on price and shipping (and always will) it has never been the sole thing we pride ourselves on. We’re most proud of the experience and expertise of our team and the service they are able to provide, as well as the fact we can provide it locally in Australia with Australian-based technicians and warranty support.

Video Conferencing Australia has been around since 2013, created by a team with over 20 years of experience in the conferencing and collaboration industry. We’ve been helping businesses do this video conferencing thing for a while now, and we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

For example, in the past few weeks our team has spent hours over the phone, email and live chat working with a customer looking to install a new video conferencing solution in their board room. Like many customers, they are unsure which solution will give them the best video quality and audio pick up and still be easy for their teams to use.

We talked them through a few solutions and provided quotes, based on their specific needs and business goals, and even sent out a free trial unit so they could test the product out themselves to be absolutely sure it fit their needs. Well, they loved it! The purchase was made and shipped out (with free shipping) within the next week and followed up with a consultation by our team to make sure it arrived and that any installation went off without a hitch.

This is a small example of a pretty standard customer experience, but this kind of knowledge and support is something we don’t believe that Amazon, eBay or any marketplace can replicate.

An experience like this one, for example:

So, for now, we’re staying away from doomsday declarations and focusing on what we do best – providing expert advice and an unparalleled end-to-end customer experience.

– Video Conferencing Australia –

If you need help finding the right conferencing system to suit your business needs, you can call us on 1300 369 829, start a live chat or fill in the contact form below. Our team are committed to finding solutions that help businesses meet smarter and collaborate more.

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