Polycom VoxBox review

The Polycom VoxBox™ sets a new standard in ultra-compact speakerphone performance either via USB or Bluetooth.

Give your mind and ears the quality they deserve — in offices, in huddle spaces, and wherever your travels may take you

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I had the pleasure of testing this unit on a few occasions and was impressed each time on both the quality of audio it delivered as well as being very surprised that so much quality had been compressed into such a small and tidy form factor. Every part of the VoxBox’s physical presence is pleasing. The buttons are simple and intuitive and most users could easily manage using the device without referring to the (notably brief) user guide.

The included neoprene case is a classy touch and would provide a substantial degree of protection from damage when being carried. The cables supplied appear to be of decent quality and adequate and appropriate lengths. The main/longer USB cable includes 2 very smart features: The first being small thumb screws which secure it to the VoxBox – avoiding the chance of a catastrophic disconnection mid-meeting. And while the thumbscrews are technically Allen/hex head bolts, they have a nice rubberised coating which means you can easily secure and loosen these with your fingers, which may be smart in the event the included Allen key was ever misplaced. Besides the allen key has the potential of placing far too much force on these screws when the same objective can be achieved using fingers alone. And, secondly this (longer) USB cable includes 2 reinforced cable loops so that the entire cable can be secured to a desk or table with the use of a lock (not included) This means the cable in its stock form is perfectly suited to be installed and secured in a room where it may be used frequently for meetings, but may then be also taken on the road with the other (smaller) USB cable for mobile and/or bluetooth use with a smartphone and making use of the built-in rechargeable battery. Testing performed in a boardroom found that the VoxBox clearly picked up voices up to 2.5m from the device and even when speaking away from VoxBox, allowing only reflected sound to be captured. While this scenario is far from an ideal audio setting, the VoxBox proved it was still able to operate in such challenging environments.

The volume level was quite impressive, and while there may be speaker phones available that offer stronger sound output, there are certainly none that can offer anything like this in such a small, compact and tidy form factor. Little touches from the soft rubberised/fabric-ish base to the soft yet assuring button tones not only add to the quality feel of the unit, but also make it easy to see those responsible for its design have spent time and effort developing the VoxBox by also listening to feedback from real-world users

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