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CommBox Manage

$119.00 Incl. GST

Cloud Management Platform

CommBox Manage is an easy to use cloud platform that allows IT and AV managers to centrally monitor, manage and support CommBox touchscreens and displays wherever they are. Not only that, CommBox Manage is also compatible with other devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile devices and more.

  • 7-year license
  • One license per device

Cloud-based Central Management Platform

CommBox Manage is an easy to use cloud platform that allows IT and AV managers to centrally monitor, manage and support CommBox touchscreens and displays wherever they are. Not only that, CommBox Manage is also compatible with other devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile devices and more.

Key Benefits

  • Bundled free with new CommBox Interactive and Display Screens
  • One central cloud based platform for all devices
  • Supports the needs of all key stakeholders from users through to IT Managers and Executives
  • Tailored for all devices and already integrated with major manufacturers
  • Simple to add to your existing fleet of CommBox V3 screens

Key Features

  • Centrally manage firmware updates, apps, OS settings
  • Apply and enforce policies and regulations
  • Install applications and updates on all devices remotely
  • Simplify batch tasks and simultaneous workflows
  • Schedule actions at predefined times
  • Take remote control over devices for assistance
  • Group and tag devices according to predefined criteria
  • OTA updates and firmware management
  • Analyse device, network and app usage to make fact-based decisions
  • Lock, track and wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Broadcast alerts and notices to all or selected devices

Serving Multiple Level Administration

  • Department Level
  • Region Level
  • School Level

Remote Screen Control 1:1

Perform technical support tasks without limits, control remote clients and assist users. Work alongside or take over the screen, share files, execute remote shell commands and much more. CommBox Manage provides help desks the ability to control devices remotely, get a real-time view of the device screen along with full “touch control” capabilities including keyboard and mouse control. Manage remote control situations without geographic limitations yet maintain maximum security, speed and quality. Operating directly from the CommBox Manage web console, remote controlling a device requires no software installation – simply log in and connect to your remote devices from any browser.

Easy Deployment & Enrolment

CommBox Manage helps you deploy devices in batches. Execute preset device configuration and settings, automate enrolment tasks by groups and roles and have your devices ready to use from the moment they are taken out of the box. All new devices can be automatically configured the first-time they are connected to a network, according to your predefined setup plan and scheme – without user intervention.

Policy & Setting

Tweak device configurations and settings to align with your policy and use-case. Apply hardware and OS restrictions CommBox Manage helps to make your device usage effective and tweaked to your requirements. You can define multiple operation modes, tune device settings to predefined use cases and scenarios, impose device functionality. Settings and configurations can be applied to kiosk modes and as part of the profile configuration (as mandatory settings or one-time config)


Make your decisions based on facts and the most up-to-date information. Create detailed usage reports that include software, location, internet and device usage. CommBox Manage platform is equipped with a reporting module enabling stakeholders to generate reports and make decisions based on facts. For example, IT admins, principals and project managers, can generate detailed device usage reports to analyse and optimize device usage across their organization, resulting in better management of resources. Reports can be based on triggers and filters, compared by geographic and device-level criteria. Web browsing reports can be transformed to filtering and blocking scheme or used for educational purposes.

Kiosk Mode

Make your CommBox devices mission-oriented, optimally configured and locked down to a secured kiosk mode. Prevent all unwanted operations except predefined tasks. CommBox Manage streamlines the implementation of multi app kiosk mode by switching devices to encapsulated environments with predetermined functionality and device look and feel, locking down external ports, hardware elements and applications, and preventing user interaction, except whitelisted applications and relevant hardware elements. You can manage multiple kiosk mode devices centrally, monitor activities, collect reports and implement policy and security measures.

Supports many types of devices & OS

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, VR/AR devices, wearables and custom hardware. In today’s world, you need a platform that responds to changes and market trends, enabling you to seamlessly add more devices to your fleet. Whether you are an IT administrator supporting thousands of devices or a teacher in a small classroom, chances are that you have more than one type of device under your management. CommBox Manage gives you this peace of mind knowing that whatever your device type is and whatever form factor you choose, we got you covered.

Software distribution & management

CommBox Manage enables the distribution and deployment of software. Installation and update are done from a central repository or from the CommBox store. Deployment can be done to single or multiple devices in a predefined schedule or on the fly. Installation is done silently and without any user intervention. Once finished, a detailed report is generated.

Simple messaging

CommBox simple messaging is a communication and messaging system to send daily and/or emergency notifications. It allows you to send customized messages to a single, group or all devices from the device CommBox Manage platform or from a personal phone of authorized individuals. The options are limitless, from greeting students and notifications of a change in class location to emergency notification with instructions on how to act. Messages are very engaging and can include a sound, voice recording, video feed and customized images and backgrounds. Messages can be triggered automatically according to location, policy and predefined scenarios.


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