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Heckler H700 AV Cart Prime

$3,299.00 Incl. GST

Ultimate AV Cart

Build your perfect video cart for flexible office spaces, distance learning, and all-hands meetings with Heckler AV Cart Prime. It has slick looks, commercial-grade construction, nest-ability, and native support for mounting the latest video conferencing equipment. This new edition ships with Device Panel, Control Shelf, and Soundbar Kit all in one box. This means you can configure your cart with the latest and greatest cameras, appliances, controller, and NUCs with ease – above or below your display.

  • VESA 400×400 mm

Heckler H700 AV Cart Prime

Ready for a close-up.

You take pride in your office environment. Your video conferencing carts should be designed and constructed to complement the spaces you work in. Heckler AV Cart allows you to stash modern components behind the TV and out-of-sight while managing any cable mess with ease.

Ready for the future.

The only thing that will remain constant is our need to communicate and collaborate. The devices we use to do so will continue to evolve and improve at a fast pace. As Heckler AV Cart is designed for broad device compatibility, these carts are a safe, long-term investment for use across several generations of device upgrades.

Ready for your ideas.

You have your own ideas and opinions for the best gear, their optimal mounting positions, and the perfect display size – and you are right. Heckler AV Cart supports your preferences from room to room and from cart to cart. And when you change your mind, Heckler AV Cart will support those ideas as well.

Ready to save you floor space.

Carts waste floor space, eh? Not this one. Heckler AV Cart’s slick-looking form follows one important function – to save you floor space. Each Heckler AV Cart can be configured to nest within inches of the next. Upgrading your legacy carts to Heckler AV Carts could save you thousands of square feet of floor space. This feature not only saves space during storage but also during mass deployment. Dozens of carts can be erected and configured in one small room, then simply rolled to their final destination. Finally, you can achieve mass deployment without mass disruption.

Ready for big screens.

65-inch displays are so “2018.” With Heckler AV Cart virtually any display with a VESA 400 horizontal mounting pattern can mount directly to the cart. Displays with VESA 200, 300, 500, and 600 horizontal mounting patterns can be mounted with this use of VESA Adapter Kit. Recommended max display size is 86 inches.

Ready for access.

With a Device Panel included with Heckler AV Cart Prime, you can configure devices and cabling conveniently on a bench in your office, then quickly mount your panel to your cart with four screws. When you need to access your gear, remove two screws to flip Device Panel for quick maintenance.

Ready for your command.

Every Heckler AV Cart Prime includes Control Shelf. With this carefully designed accessory, you can mount Logitech Tap, Zoom Rooms Console, Neat Pad, and any other control screen that has a VESA-compatible mounting pattern. Install Control shelf upside-down to place loose items on your cart. Install Control Shelf at various angles and heights to position your controller perfectly for standing and seated scenarios.

Ready to sound off.

With the included Soundbar Mount, you’re flexible to effortlessly mount a wide variety of soundbars and sound-shaped speakerphones above or below the display. Within moments, your device is firmly attached to the rigid structure of the cart.

Ready to roll.

A good caster is hard to find – and a great caster is worth talking about. Our large, four-inch diameter wheels are great for hard floors and carpet, reject debris, and are of the perfect softness to leave your floors unmarred. The swivel and wheel bearings are sealed for a silent roll. The tread guard prevents cord entanglement. And the brakes are easy to engage. We can go on and on about these things if you’d like us to.

Ready for quick assembly.

We know you have better things to do than to build carts all day, so we designed Heckler AV Cart Prime’s main structure to assemble in a handful of minutes with only four socket-head bolts. All of the detailed configuration of the devices to the panels can be performed on a tabletop offsite, then quickly fastened to the main structure onsite.

Ready for a second display.

Heckler AV Cart Prime enables you to upgrade to two displays at any time with Dual Display Kit (sold separately). Dual displays are ideal for all-hands meetings and secondary classrooms. To create a telepresence experience, install Eyeline Camera Mount between the displays.

Content includes:

  • Heckler AV Cart Prime main structure and casters
  • Device Panel for Heckler AV Cart
  • Control Shelf for Heckler AV Cart
  • Soundbar Mount for Heckler AV Cart
  • Assembly tools
  • Documentation

Optional Heckler H497 VESA Adapter Kit available >

2-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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