Lifesize Icon 800

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Lifesize Icon 800

Lifesize Icon 800 delivers the ultimate communication experience to auditoriums and other large meeting spaces. Designed to radically simplify video conferencing with its intuitive “heads up” UI, six-button remote and touchscreen LifeSize Phone, LifeSize Icon 800 offers:

  • Four Full HD video inputs
  • Two Full HD video outputs
  • Seven audio inputs
  • Four audio outputs
  • Two USB 3.0 data inputs
  • Secure connectors for server racks

With the additional video inputs the LifeSize Icon 800 provides users incredible flexibility. Connect multiple video devices, such as PTZ cameras, laptops or DVRs, as well as audio devices, such as MP3 players, to the Lifesize Icon 800 and deliver an unprecedented immersive experience.


Users can easily choose the video input for both primary and secondary streams with the remote control or through the Lifesize Phone HD touchscreen display. Audio sources are automatically heard at each end when the user pushes play eliminating the need to call support when the audio source doesn’t match the video input.


Included with your purchase is the new Lifesize Link Adapter, which supports especially long cable runs between the Lifesize Icon 800 unit and a Lifesize Phone HD or Digital MicPod—up to 61m (200 feet). Now, Lifesize Phone HD can be positioned deeper in the auditorium.


  • Lifesize Icon 800 video system, 2RU 48.3 cm (19″) with rack mounts attached
  • Lifesize Camera 10x
  • Lifesize Phone HD or Phone, 2nd Generation
  • Lifesize Link Adapter
  • Remote control
  • Cables
  • Download Lifesize Icon 800 Datasheet

    Download Lifesize Icon Installation Guide

    Download Lifesize Phone HD Datasheet

    Download Lifesize Phone HD Frequently Asked Questions


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