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Logitech Tap IP with RoomMate

$3,199.00 Incl. GST

Android Appliance – Base Model

With computing power and video conferencing software together in a dedicated appliance, Logitech RoomMate makes it easy to deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android and Zoom Rooms with Logitech USB conference cameras like the Logitech MeetUpRally CameraRally Kit and Rally Kit Plus. A network-connected Logitech Tap IP Touch Controller completes the Video Conferencing room solution for the modern workplace.

Please note: No video conferencing camera is included.

Available on back-order

Tap IP: The new generation of Tap Touch Controller

Make video meetings simple to join

Meetings start with just one touch with Logitech Tap IP, a network-connected touch controller for Logitech room solutions. With clean cable management and a range of available mounts, Tap IP installs easily and stays up and running.

Video meetings for any room

Easily transform meeting rooms into video collaboration spaces with Tap IP and Logitech room solutions. Start with pre-configured solutions that include video bars, conference cams, computes and other devices, and add scheduling panels, digital whiteboards, and accessories to power effective collaboration.

Meeting room touch controller with PoE connectivity

More than a meeting room controller, Logitech Tap IP helps you achieve a consistent and seamless user experience across your video conferencing deployment.
This purpose-built touch controller has just the right presence with a spacious 10.1″ display and sleek, low profile. Take advantage of its single Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection and variety of mounting options to install the touch controller anywhere in the room. Prevent accidental disconnections thanks to built-in cable retention and strain relief, and be confident that each room stays ready for the next video meeting.

Easy to use

One-touch join: Easily start and join meetings with just one tap.
10.1″ touch display: Spacious and responsive touch screen resists fingerprints for high legibility, and is sealed to protect components.
Motion sensor: Built-in motion sensor allows for always-on readiness when a user approaches, and saves power when idle.
Sleek, low profile: Comfortable 14° angle allows for easy viewing, while providing an unobtrusive presence in the room.

Simple to set up

Single PoE cable: One cable for both power and data means flexible placement anywhere in the room, untethered to the room system and without the need for long cable runs. Clean cable management: Built-in cable retention and strain relief system hides the PoE cable entirely within its enclosure, and secures it to prevent unwanted disconnections. Multiple mounting options: Secure Tap IP almost anywhere in the room with available Table, Riser, and Wall Mounts for convenient placement near room participants.

Pick your platform

Tap IP can be configured with leading video conferencing services to deliver a seamless and consistent meeting experience across your deployment.
Enable easy and effective meetings for onsite and remote workers. Tap IP and the Logitech suite of room solutions integrate with leading video conferencing services for a seamless meeting experience.

Deploy room solutions with ease

Transform collaboration spaces with Logitech Tap IP and leading video conferencing room solutions. Deliver one-touch join, easy content-sharing, and a seamless meeting experience across all rooms.
For the latest certification and compatibility information, click here.

Just the right presence

With a spacious 10.1” display, low profile, and motion sensor for always-on readiness, Tap IP has a sleek and unobtrusive presence in the room.

Simple and secure cabling

Streamline setup with a single cable that can be routed through the back or below the device. Keep connections tight with built-in strain relief and retention mechanisms.

Multiple mounting options

Install Tap IP almost anywhere in the room with Table and Riser Mounts that fit standard table grommets and rotate 180° for visibility and convenience. Or save table space in small rooms with the Wall Mount.

Single cable simplicity

With a single Power over Ethernet cable, place Tap IP conveniently near room participants for a tidy and professional install.

Simple to manage with Logitech sync

With Logitech Sync, you can monitor and manage Tap IP along with your other meeting room devices from one single platform.

Logitech RoomMate: CollabOS Android Appliance for supported cameras

Simply Dedicated

With computing power and video conferencing software together in a dedicated appliance, RoomMate makes it easy to deploy Zoom Rooms Appliances, Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android, and others with Logitech ConferenceCams USB video conferencing devices.

Appliances Go Large

In your small and medium rooms, the all-in-one Rally Bar Mini and Rally Bar appliances offer exceptionally easy setup and management. Now, you can bring that same convenience to your large meeting rooms by deploying RoomMate together with Rally Plus, Logitech’s premium modular conference camera system for rooms with up to 46 seats.

Power, with Connections

In a sleek, low-profile form factor, Logitech RoomMate delivers all the power you need for HD video conferencing in rooms with one or two displays.

Flexible, Neat, Secure

Mount Logitech RoomMate out of sight and out of harm’s way while locking down cables to keep connections tight. The optional mount supports discreet installation and cable retention behind displays, inside cabinets, and under tables.

Simple to Manage

With your preferred dashboard such as Zoom Device Management, Microsoft Teams Admin Center, and Logitech Sync, you can monitor and manage RoomMate together with the conference camera, touch controller, and other meeting room devices.

Device Management Technology Partners

Our integration with partner solutions and dashboards means you can easily manage your devices in other platforms.

Content includes:

  • Logitech Tap IP
  • Logitech RoomMate
  • Power supply
  • AC cable
  • VESA bracket
  • Remote control
  • Documentation

Optional Logitech Swytch available >

Optional Tap Table Mount available >

Optional Tap Riser Mount available >

Optional Tap Wall Mount available >

2-year Limited Hardware Warranty

Optional Logitech Select Extended Warranty available >


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