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Phoenix Condor Microphone Array

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The Phoenix Condor Beamforming Microphone Array was created with the goal of decluttering conference rooms. The Condor, featuring a built-in SIP phone, sits above or below your monitor, eliminating cumbersome devices and wires from the conference table. It can easily connect to any video conferencing system, and use any external sound bar or your monitor’s internal speakers.

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Phoenix Condor Beamforming Microphone Array Features:

  • Highly directional, 48-inch aperture, 15-microphone array
  • Seven fixed-direction directional beams with Constant Beamwidth design
  • Pickup range up to 30 feet (9 metres) with optimal recommended range of up to 25 feet (7.5 metres)
  • Angular reception – 180 degrees
  • Algorithms: DSP based noise canceling, echo canceling. AGC, De-reverb
  • 100% full duplex
  • Digital interface using USB telephony protocol
  • Analog interface for use with Analog Codecs
  • Built-in IP phone (SIP)
  • Automatic bridging between the IP phone and USB communication

Dual Connectivity

Offering multiple interfaces in a single product. This feature allows the use of one product in a room that requires multiple connectivity options (audio and video conferencing).


The ability to connect two calls from different interfaces simultaneously, making your video conferencing participants able to speak with your audio conferencing participants as well as yourself through your device.

Direction Finding

The ability to recognize the direction of the person speaking in the room.


The ability to steer the directionality of the device’s microphones. Beamforming improves noise and echo cancelling as well as the overall quality of the device’s pickup.  This feature works in conjunction with direction finding.

Power Over Ethernet (POE)

The ability to provide power to the device through the ethernet connection getting rid of the need to use a separate power supply.

USB Power

The ability to provide power to the device through the USB connection getting rid of the need to use a separate power supply.

Wall Mountable

This Condor supports a mounting system that allows you to attach it directly to the wall.

LED Indications

LEDs indicate the voice pickup and direction as well as muting.

Performance Parameters

  • Frequency response: 50Hz – 16KHz
  • Noise Suppression: >15dB – no pumping noise
  • Echo Canceling: >40dB with conversion rate >40dB/sec
  • Residual echo suppressed to environment noise level preventing artificial ducking
  • Low latency – 10Msec
  • Power consumption – 500mAmp (from USB or POE)
  • Supported Codecs:
    G.711 (A-law and Mu-law)
    G.729A (Annex B)


  • 2.5” diameter, 48” long. Weight: 3.35 lbs
  • The Condor is housed in a metal tube; the outer shell is metal for sturdiness and

VoIP and Signaling

  • SIP –RFC 3261, SDP – RFC 2327 SIP over
  • TCP/UDP, Redundancy, Digest
  • Authentication, PRACK, Early Media

Data Protocols

    Static IP/DHCP IP Assignment, IEEE 802.1p/Q,


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