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Revolabs Elite Wireless Microphones

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Wireless Microphones for Revolabs Executive Elite

The Revolabs Executive Elite wireless microphones merge best-in-class audio with eye-catching design, setting the gold standard for excellence in wireless conference room audio. These innovative wireless microphones feature advanced technologies and extended capabilities that ensure superior audio pickup and sound quality, improved signal-to-noise ratio, enhanced digital signal communication over wireless links, and a user-friendly interface.

Compatible with: Revolabs Executive Elite Receivers

Yamaha Revolabs Elite Wireless Microphones

Mix and match any combination of wireless conference microphone – from wearable, tabletop and gooseneck microphones

6 Types of Wireless Microphone and Adapters options

  • Omnidirectional Tabletop Microphone
  • Directional Cardioid Tabletop Microphone
  • Gooseneck Tabletop Microphone 6” | 12”
  • Wearable Microphone
  • Wireless XLR Microphone Adapter
  • Wireless TA4 Microphone Adapter (belt pack)

Omnidirectional Tabletop Microphone

The Revolabs Executive Elite omnidirectional tabletop wireless microphone is the perfect solution for audio and video conferencing in smaller conference rooms. It features a 360 degree pickup pattern to capture all speech above and around the microphone.

Directional Cardioid Tabletop Microphone

Perfect for applications ranging from audio and video conferencing in small conference rooms to voice amplification in large auditoriums, the Executive Elite directional tabletop microphones are specifically designed to pick up the speech of one to three people in front of the microphone.

Gooseneck Tabletop Microphone – 6″ and 12″

For boardroom and conference settings where participants require individual microphones, Revolabs Executive Elite Gooseneck microphones provide the perfect solution in 6-inch and 12-inch versions.

Wearable Microphone

Presenter microphone for audio and video conferencing sporting a sleek and compact design with a convenient clip for fastening to a lapel, shirt or blouse. Backchannel audio and a headset connector provide user-selectable two-way audio on the Executive Elite system.

Wireless XLR Microphone Adapter

The Revolabs Executive Elite XLR adapter simply plugs into any dynamic handheld microphone, instantly transforming the unit into a wireless microphone on the Executive Elite system for use in audio or video conferencing, voice amplification, and other applications.

Wireless TA4 Microphone Adapter (belt pack)

The Revolabs  Executive Elite TA4 Microphone Adapter is a battery powered, rechargeable belt-pack adapter which enables you to use a wired microphone as a wireless one within the Executive Elite system. The adapter is ideal for broadcasters, announcers, and presenters who favour small lavalier or over-the-ear microphones, This compact mini XLR wireless adapter eliminate the need for bulky belt packs. Back channel capability provides two-way audio via a headset connector on the adapter, for applications such as simultaneous audio capture and translation for multiple language meetings or conferences.

1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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