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Revolabs Executive Elite Receivers

$77,899.00 Incl. GST

Wireless Microphone System

The Revolabs Executive Elite Digital Wireless Microphone Systems are designed to support deployments requiring increased numbers of microphones, providing enhanced integration with video conferencing room systems.

  • 2, 4 or 8-channel Receiver options
  • Ideal for high-density wireless microphone configuration
  • Up to 160 channels max (20 systems)
  • Wireless conference microphones sold separately
  • Mix and Match any Microphone combination
  • For Presenters: Wearable, Handheld, Lapel
  • For Meeting rooms: Omnidirectional Tabletop, Directional Tabletop, Gooseneck

Please note: Microphones are not included

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Yamaha Revolabs Executive Elite Digital Wireless Microphone Systems

Designed to provide exceptional audio quality in the most demanding environments. Whether you need a wireless mic system for high-end boardrooms, large auditoriums, conference room microphone and beyond – these microphone systems offer the ultimate in configuration flexibility and freedom. Mix and match any combination of wireless conference microphone – from wearable, tabletop and gooseneck microphones

Hassle Free Maintenance

Remote management for flexible and convenient administration
2, 4 & 8 Channel Systems Use Case 2

Comfortable Usage

Work up to 20 hours on a single battery charge; 6 hours for a full recharge. 72 hour stand-by supported for wireless microphones not returned to charger

Standard Rechargeable Batteries

Tabletop microphones use standard AA nickel-metal hydride batteries
2, 4 & 8 Channel Systems Use Case 3

Easy Integration

Seamless integration with existing solutions in the room such as digital signal processors, room control systems, and recording solutions

Wireless Range

Separate remote antenna and base DSP unit for the widest variety of installation options

Distributed Architecture

Up to 300 feet distance between the remote antenna and base DSP unit
2, 4 & 8 Channel Systems Use Case 4

Secure & Reliable Quality

AES-256 encryption with automatic key updates every few minutes gives highest possible security

High Density

High number of wireless microphones able to be active at the same time. Up to 44 in Americans; up to 76 in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia

Content includes:

  • Revolabs Executive Elite Receiver
  • PoE antenna
  • Power Supply
  • 4-mic Charger Base for 2- and 4-channel Receivers
  • 8-mic charger Base for 8-channel Receivers
  • Documentation

1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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