Samsung HG65AD890U - 65" Hospitality UHD Smart TV - 4k
Samsung HG65AD890U - 65" Hospitality UHD Smart TV - 4kSamsung HG65AD890U – 65″ Hospitality UHD Smart TV – 4k

Samsung HG65AD890U – 65″ Hospitality UHD Smart TV – 4k

$6,249.00 Incl. GST

The Samsung HG65AD890U exceeds expectations, delivering a five-star experience with the interactivity and connectivity necessary to wow guests. Featuring Ultra-High Definition (UHD) resolution offering detailed, life-like picture quality and a sleek Black Metallic Chamfer Design, the Samsung HD890U Series reflects the sophistication and luxury premier hotels seek in their brand image.

Screen Size: 65″
Resolution: 3840 X 2160
Backlight: LED
Speaker Type: 2CH (Down Firing + Base Reflex)
Sound Output (RMS): 20W (L:10W, R:10W)

Includes 2 year warranty

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Samsung HG65AD890U – 65″ Hospitality UHD Smart TV – 4k

UHD Resolution

Deliver more than four times the FHD resolution on the same screen area for unsurpassed clarity and ultra-realistic detail due to its 3,840 x 2,160 resolution and high pixel density. Detailed and true-to-life colors are presented with incredible clarity, delivering an advanced and impressive entertainment environment.


The upgraded LYNK SINC solution, an embedded IP-based content management solution, delivers in-room content and a convenient user experience over a hotel’s IP network. Additionally, LYNK SINC’s new function, IPTV Standalone is available without SINC content through a free license, which means hotel managers can have IPTV service without purchasing any additional solutions.

H.Browser Compatibility

H.Browser is an HTML5-based software platform that enables partners and system integrators to develop custom-built IPTV applications for the hospitality industry without the need for a set-top box. It supports HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, Image and other file types. Additionally, the embedded TV emulator provides developers with a visual preview of the app as it is being built, allowing them to test and package their software.


Enable easy content management using an existing coaxial-based infrastructure with LYNK REACH 3.1 . Enhanced UI: Hotel managers can choose from a wide variety of UI templates when creating room-specific customised content . Paid Channel: With the LYNK REACH 3.1’s powerful features, managers can easily edit, delete and add channel lists using the channel editor and even enhance revenue with the channel bank.

New Home Menu

Samsung’s new enhanced home menu allows hotels to deliver a wide array of content without requiring any additional software/hardware solutions or network infrastructure. The new layout makes it easy to welcome guests with a brief video clip along with the hotel logo. In user mode, guests can easily access helpful resources such as the time and date as well as hotel information and other frequently used TV features.

Smart View 2.0

Watch TV channels on a range of mobile devices*. Guests can also upload content, such as photos, videos and music files, from a mobile device to an intuitive interface on the TV for easy selection and viewing. * Compatible Devices . Galaxy S2 & Above . Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus & above . iPhone, iPad (iOS v4 & Above)

Screen Mirroring

Enable guests to share the screen of a mobile device with the TV without the need for an AP. The TV shows exactly what displays on the mobile device with no content restrictions.


Provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional content protection systems using Samsung LYNK DRM, which allows hotels to transmit and display encrypted, live channel and VoD content. It also provides quicker recovery for Conditional Access System (CAS) problems. To help ensure system reliability, coverage extends to the enlargement of head-end equipment for cable operators.

Samsung SMART Control

Samsung’s SMART Control remote includes a touchpad, a motion sensor and four direction keys, as well as mid-air motion navigation and instant click functions, all of which help guests quickly and easily access popular features and review program guides.

Bluetooth Music Player

Enable guests to easily connect their mobile devices to hotel TVs through the Bluetooth Music Player function. This feature allows guests to enjoy their personal music collection through the TV without requiring the hotel to purchase additional costly audio docking stations that can be broken or stolen easily.

SI Compatibility

Straight out of the box, Samsung hospitality displays are compatible with various System Integrator protocols. This SI compatibility helps hotel managers save time and effort when setting up multiple protocols between SI-provided set-top boxes and displays.

Variable Speaker Out

Increase flexibility and enjoyment by connecting the TV’s sound to other parts of the room with the external speaker-out post. Guests can listen to their TV programs from anywhere in the room or bathroom through speakers installed in remote locations.

Sound Bar Compatibility

Pairing a Samsung Hospitality TV with a Sound Bar creates a truly high-end media environment. Connected by a High-Definition Multimedia Interface® cable, settings are automatically applied, making installation a breeze, and the universal remote gives guests full control over the entire system.

Multi-code Remote

Eliminate annoying interference from other remote signals, such as hotel fitness centers, where multiple TVs are in close proximity. The multi-code remote can control up to 10 TVs individually in the same room.

Connect Share

With ConnectShare™ Movie, guests simply plug their USB stick or hard drive into the TV, allowing them to instantaneously view and share movies, photos and music. Content comes alive on the screen with excellent picture quality.

Channel Editor

The External Clock accessory enables guests to check the time easily with just a glance at the TV. It supports 12-hour or 24-hour display formats, 7-step dimming control settings and a simple RJ12 connection to the back of the display. Availability of the External Clock accessory may vary by region/country.

Software Clock

Allow your guests to check the current time on the TV whenever needed. Software Clock allows guest to check the time just by pressing the “Info” button, even when the TV is off.

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