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Vaddio EasyUSB MicPOD I/O with Four CeilingMICs

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The EasyUSB MicPOD I/O interface is based on Vaddio’s SmartMIC technology, a simple and less expensive approach to adding live audio conferencing to room designs. As an interface between the CeilingMIC microphones and any professional audio mixer, internal DSP and echo cancellation can now be integrated into any manufacturer’s audio mixing system.

Includes one EasyUSB MicPOD IO Interface and four white CeilingMIC microphones.

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CeilingMIC™ microphones deliver professional audio quality into your PC system for a superior conferencing experience. These overhead microphones are a more economical alternative to a custom installation. Ceiling-mounted microphones offer a clutter-free alternative to tabletop microphones, creating a clean look in your conference room or meeting space.
• Works with Vaddio products designed with an EasyMIC port (AV Bridge MATRIX PRO, ConferenceSHOT AV Cameras, EasyUSB MicPOD I/O, EasyUSB Mixer/Amp)
• Three-element array head with LED mute status indicator
• Full 360-degree pickup coverage
• Supports both referenced and non-referenced AEC
• Ideal for drop tile ceilings and open-ceiling environments

Each Ceiling microphone is equipped with an array of three electric condenser microphones positioned to form a 360-degree pickup pattern. This unique technology is based on the microphone’s ability to actively manage the room’s live audio for gain, gating and echo cancellation. Once detected, the microphone will adjust and mix down to a single output. Because the intelligence is inside the microphone, any mixer can now be used in a live collaboration application for audio conferencing and achieve outstanding results.

The EasyUSB MicPOD I/O interface device allows the connection of up to four CeilingMIC microphones and because each input is effectively running three microphones on three different channels, users can technically run 12 microphones all with independent echo cancellation and internal DSP. For installations requiring more than 12 CeilingMICs, just add an additional EasyUSB MicPOD I/O for 12 more channels.

Each CeilingMIC unit delivers the performance of three microphone elements built into a single pendant body. Each unidirectional cardioid microphone element is equipped with integrated echo cancellation and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), including equalization, filtering and automatic gain control (AGC). The DSP in the interface box provides AEC reference from far end and applies it to individual mic elements, so conference calls are crystal clear on both ends of the conversation.

The lightweight, simplified ceiling box means faster, easier installations. With its plug-and-play design, installation is as simple as connecting a Cat-5 cable between the host device’s EasyMIC port and the CeilingMIC microphone interface box. Power, control and audio are all carried over a single cable. The CeilingMIC supports lengths of up to 100 ft. (30 m) of Cat-5 cable between its interface box and EasyMIC ports.

The CeilingMIC pendant includes a 3 ft. (0.9 m) adjustable drop cable. A Cat-5 cable of up to 15 ft. (4.6 m) can be used instead for longer drop lengths.

  • EasyUSB MicPOD I/O
  • 18V power supply with AC cord set(s)
  • 4 qty CeilingMIC microphones (white)
  • 4 qty silicone split strain relief boots (white)
  • 4 qty 3′ (0.9m) cat-5 cable (white)
  • 4 qty CeilingMIC interface boxes
  • 4 qty cable clamp grommets
  • 8 qty ceiling trim ring plates (black or white) with mounting screws
  • 4 qty ceiling tile braces
  • 4 qty rubber feet for bottom of EasyUSB MicPOD I/O unit if not rack-mounted
  • 5 qty 3-position phoenix-style connector
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • CeilingMIC Installation Guide

Vaddio EasyUSB MicPOD I/O with Four CeilingMICs Datasheet


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