Vaddio EasyUSB MicPOD I/O and Four Ceiling MicPODS

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The EasyUSB MicPOD I/O interface is based on Vaddio’s™ SmartMIC technology, a simple and less expensive approach to adding live audio conferencing to room designs. As an interface between the EasyMIC microphones and any professional audio mixer, internal DSP and echo cancellation can now be integrated into any manufacturer’s audio mixing system

Includes one EasyUSB MicPOD IO Interface and four EasyMic Ceiling MicPODs.

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The Vaddio™ TRIO Mic I/O interface enables the TRIO Acoustic Echo Canceling Microphones to be used with any professional DSP audio mixer. Connect the TRIO Ceiling or Table Mics to the TRIO Mic I/O interface and instantly make any mixer capable of Acoustic Echo Cancellation for use in conferencing applications.

Vaddio TRIO Table and Ceiling Microphones incorporate SmartMic technology along with built-in DSPs for the ultimate in simple control and maximum performance. The technology integrates automatic microphone mixing, wideband echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automated gain control into the microphones and eliminates the need for super expensive, hard to program and operate conferencing mixers.

Like many Vaddio products, a simple Cat-5/5e/6 UTP cable connection and no clumsy software configuration makes the TRIO microphones as simple to install as traditional boundary or ceiling microphones. The TRIO Mic I/O connects up to four TRIO Microphones over Cat-5 cables. The Cat-5 cable carries power to the microphone and returns the processed audio from the TRIO mics. The TRIO Mic I/O has four (4) individual line level balanced outputs, each representing the echo canceled audio channel from the individual TRIO mics. An Acoustical Echo Cancellation (AEC) Reference input channel is included on the rear panel for connection to the far-end audio signal coming into the conference room. The AEC Reference channel is needed for the TRIO mic to keep the far-end audio from going into the room mics and echoing back to the far-end.

The TRIO Table and Ceiling microphones each have three (3) mic elements, provide a 360º pickup pattern and connect to the TRIO Mic I/O with a Cat-5 cable for power and audio. The TRIO Ceiling Mic has a plenum safe sealed enclosure for the electronics and a 36” (914.4mm) drop cable to a 2.5” (63.5mm) spherical shaped mic array. The TRIO Ceiling Mics come in either a dark charcoal or a white version. The combination of the TRIO Mic I/O, the TRIO Table Mics or the TRIO Ceiling Mics turns any mixer into an automatic mixer with wideband echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automated gain control.

Vaddio EasyUSB MicPOD I/O and Four Ceiling MicPODS Datasheet


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