Small To Medium Conference Room Solutions

Recommended meeting size: Up to 10 people approximately

Small to medium size conference rooms tend to have the typical boardroom setups, which includes a long table seating arrangement and a screen placed at one end of the room.

There are two main types of video conferencing equipment; Web-based and Room-based.

What is Web-based Video Conferencing?

Web-based video conferencing allows for online collaboration through the use of personal and mobile devices such as desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Participants are just required to use a video conferencing application of their choice and have a room setup utilising BYO devices such as a laptop.

Basic Setup:

Simple plug and play connectivity Relies on a stable internet connection for seamless video conferencing
Easy setup – no installation or IT management required High bandwidth usage
Portable solution Only includes manufacturer hardware warranty – no support or maintenance

What is Room-based Video Conferencing?

Room-based video conferencing solutions are usually hardware solutions that are installed, fixed and configured in your boardrooms or meeting rooms.

Room-based video conferencing comprises of an endpoint unit, which communicates over the standards based protocol, H.323, for communication across IP networks. This means that your unit would be compatible to communicate with most other video conferencing solutions on the same protocol.

They require no additional software or hardware, as the codec is the hardware that communicates with other endpoints and transmits video data and signals.

Basic Setup:

All-in-one system that does not require additional software or hardware May require installation or IT management
Host a conference directly from your standalone unit Fixed solution – not portable
Advanced technology which reduces bandwidth usage and stabilises video transmission
Full manufacturer support and maintenance

Our recommended small conference room solutions:


Web-based Conferencing Solutions

All-in-one solution – includes camera and speakerphone

HD 1080p video, 90 degree field of view, 10X lossless HD zoom, PTZ camera with 5 camera presets, 6m HD audio pickup range, USB connection

Logitech Group

Logitech Group

$1,899.00 Incl. GST
Sale! Logitech-Group-960-001054-front-view-hero

Logitech Group

$1,899.00 Incl. GST
USB Video Conferencing Room System USB Plug & Play video conferencing system for mid to large-sized rooms, from 8 (base…

Premium PTZ camera – add the Jabra Speak for improved audio quality and pickup range

HD 1080p video, 90 degree field of view, 10X lossless HD zoom, PTZ camera with 3 camera presets, 360 degree HD audio pickup range, both products connect via USB

Room-based Conferencing Solutions

Flexible all-in-one solution for point-to-point video calling

HD 1080p60 PTZ camera, 70 degree field of view, 10X optical zoom with 10 camera presets, 4.57m audio pickup range, multiple audio input and outputs, multiple video inputs, optional support for up to two displays

Embedded multipoint control unit, allowing connection of up to 4 sites.

HD 1080p PTZ camera, 72 degree field of view, 12X optical zoom, 3m audio pickup range, multiple audio input and outputs, multiple video inputs, support for up to two displays, record directly onto USB