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What is your contingency plan?

Contingency Plan

Last week, the World Health Organization formally classified the coronavirus (COVID-19) a global pandemic, as more countries are closing their borders and going into lockdown the level of concern continues to grow as rapidly as this health crisis. The health and safety of your employees are of considerable concern and our thoughts go out to any person, families, and businesses being impacted by this.

As we face more travel restrictions, office closures, meetings and events being cancelled, what can we do to keep people connected and ensure attendance? Work doesn’t have to stop but precautions will have to be taken to protect your colleagues, customers, and even your business.

Working remotely with video conference

If you need a video conferencing solution for your organisation and to allow your employees to work from home, we can help. The Lifesize app is streamlined and built to enhance all of the different ways your team communicates – from one-on-one audio and video calls to full-scale company meetings among multiple locations.

Video Conferencing devices for your meeting spaces

For those of you who already have a favourite video conferencing app but need to enhance your meeting with some new hardware, we have plenty of options to suit your needs. A shortlist below is of our highly recommended USB plug-and-play video conferencing systems, no IT support is needed to set these up.

Audio Conferencing

If you are tired of not being heard clearly or listening to bad sounding conferences we have some great options for better sounding conferences. Enhance your sound and microphone pick up for the office or even at home with these speakerphones.

Conferences and Events

Our sister company Chorus Call is the leading provider in conferencing, offering audio, video and virtual event solutions.

Virtual Events

Is it time to include virtual conferences and events into your communications plans instead of relying on in-person meetings? Chorus Call Australia offers a wide range of options for your virtual events. For eaxmaple a webcast can have multiple parties join your conference either via the phone or via the web where a presentation can be shared. Resources can be made available for download during the live event and the on-demand. On-demand versions are also available for those who missed the live event or for education and training purposes.

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